Ceiling fans reduce the power consumption

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  Industrial ceiling fan and industrial fan power consumption is related to the power of their own. Industrial fan power some small, and therefore power consumption is also different. To fan power industry is not difficult.
    First, because the fan industry and technology low, uneven product on the market today. Therefore, when choosing to select excellent quality products.
    Secondly, the use of the fan is best placed next to the doors, windows, easy air circulation, improve the cooling effect, shorten the time and reduce power consumption.
    Thirdly, the use of the fan itself, the general large fan blades on large electric power consumption of electrical energy is also more power and speed is proportional to the electric fan blades, such as 400 mm fan, with a quick stop When the power consumption of 60W, using a slow-speed, only 40W, the same fans of the fastest and the slowest block retaining power consumption difference of 40%, therefore, usually the first to open fast block after block with a slow cool down more, you can reducing fan power consumption. In the air flow to meet the requirements of the situation, try to use the block or slow gear.
    The fourth point due to industrial fan directly convert electrical energy into kinetic energy, power consumption is very low, the maximum power is only 60W, equivalent to an ordinary desk lamp lighting the consumption of electricity, so from the point of view of energy conservation, the summer season is undoubtedly a fan It is the best option. The industrial fan used in conjunction with air conditioning, air-conditioning temperature set at 26 ~ 28 , the power and money.
    Finally, usually pay attention to the maintenance of industrial fans, keeping its good performance, avoid fan deformation, vibration occurs, so, to a certain extent, but also conducive to energy saving.