Large industrial fans and introduce some

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arge industrial fans, the maximum diameter of up to 7.2 meters a huge fan! Streamlined aerodynamic principles and advanced blade manufacturing process, only use 1.5KW can drive a lot of air, resulting in a large area of natural breezes system, serve the dual function of ventilation and cooling. Compared to traditional HVAC and small, high-speed fans, it has unparalleled application advantages, called the large space ventilation and cooling of the perfect solution. weiyu 5-blade structure, over an area of 1,200 square meters.
   Industrial fans during use should be simple daily maintenance and inspection to ensure that the industrial life of the fan.
1 Industrial fans belong to the high-speed moving parts, must be checked before starting the standard lubricants, the oil level should be in the red.
2 industrial fans start-up mode is the key to ensure safe operation. Special Note: The start and stop shall under no-load conditions. Start should be in accordance with the following requirements:
A, hand dish suction fan cable wiring;
B, and vent valve open. When you first start, aeration tube valve should open;
C, industrial fans start to start with a specially designed box (from the lotus or soft start);
D, industrial fans should be in the rated speed, slowly close the vent valve, press the aeration requires aeration valve is adjusted to the required position until all the vent valve closed.
E, after industrial fans running, bearing parts temperature should exceed the instructions provided, the general should 50 ~ 60 . Do not follow the above way to start, may cause suction fan overload, burn suction fan. Shutting down the suction fan should reverse procedure, which is to slowly open the vent valve, then shut down the suction fan. Is not required, the sudden shutdown may cause water intrusion into the suction fan, causing damage to the suction fan.
3 The wind industry fan is installed in the air inlet duct silencer and muffler; if the water industry after fan cooling water should be pre-open, shut down the cooling water, cooling to keep running well under the regulation.