Development of industrial fans

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Winds 1 industrial fan is about 2-3 m / s, exclusively produce the best cooling sensation of human skin in accordance with the airflow passing air volume calculated, too strong airflow will make people feel hot body and mind, there is a wind blowing straight feeling, high winds can also make people dizzy, only through surface evaporation and wind speed combine to beautify the body cool feeling.

2 with a very low cost can drive a lot of cool air, physical and mental health of employees can be protected, energy consumption can be significantly reduced, thereby improving the execution of the factory, to make your business to maximize the benefit . At the same time the total amount of ventilation chamber can be reduced without any fan or ventilation efficiency can be better than it is, those high energy consumption, high noise exhaust fan can be reduced in many cases even canceled.

Principle 3 large industrial energy-saving cooling fan is a large number of airflow through ejectability to the ground, a certain height on the ground floor level of air movement, which led to the overall air circulation; this has the advantage of a full range of ground cover and air three-dimensional cycle.

4 large and gentle breeze efficient, strengthen all-round air circulation, low investment, low cost, maintenance-free. Low wind speed, large coverage area. Cool, warm, full-year effect of dehumidification make people comfortable, safe and ergonomic device combining ultra-high mechanical efficiency, safe and effective operation for you to create a comfortable work space. Suzhou Orbita Machinery Co., Ltd.