Yu Wei, the origin of large-scale industrial fans

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  Large industrial fan was first born in the United States in 1991, when the fan is to farm inside devoted to bragging. The sweltering summer heat makes farm, the smell, flies increased, leading to decline in farm production, poor farmers benefit. Gossip said helicopters to put all the problems are solved, farmers put into action, has now become a large industrial fan 7.2 m prototype.
During use, the advantages of large fans began to show up, it's a lot of good than ordinary fan cooling, comfort, ventilation, coverage, and energy saving. Large fan is to promote, through modifications are widely used airports, logistics centers, large factories, stadiums and Wal-Mart.
  Yu Wei, China will introduce a large fan, in large factories, the traditional method is very inefficient air circulation, Wei Yu-fan airflow effect a radical improvement in the workshop, the largest active area can reach 1,000 square meters. A substantial increase in production efficiency and comfort of employees, while effectively reducing building energy consumption.