Large industrial fan security instructions

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Large size allows you to generate from the security concerns, in fact, no need, Wei Yu team conducted a very careful study, measures have been taken to verify the theory and practical rigorous testing.
1. Safety button: accident, the safety ring for protection, to prevent any member fall; when the bottom of the fasteners loose, there will be some fans fall in a vertical plane. Insurance can hook hook shelf. To ensure that the lower portion of the fan does not drop.
2, L and Y-type blade safety clips: Re-connect all blades and chassis together as a unitary structure.
Upper and lower fixed fan blades, blade and chassis to ensure that as a whole, the screws are self-locking screws, to prevent dangerous loose
3. Fasteners: All fasteners up to 12.9 the highest intensity of industrial bolts, the actual stress of more than 10 times;
4, wire lead: each wire cable stress intensity up to 1000KG, each connection point to set up dual protection; tow rope used to ensure a balance of four fans in the fan rotation, at rest can withstand the weight of the fan, the fan occurred When the accident, the rope can be suspended in the air fan to eliminate the risk of falling. The other two fixed beams and extend rope pole, cut off due to screw breakage caused by the fan falling. Wei Yu-fan for insurance rope fixed to three beams above, if an accident off the fan. Four rope will share the most affected by heavy pressure, when the risk of damage to the main fixed beam is reduced to the lowest level. Fan during rotation, due to the reaction force, floating in the air near the fan, to bear the weight of the components is minimal.
5, electric wrench: the ability to achieve staffing firm can not be achieved; installation, all fasteners are using an electric wrench, ensure project quality.
6. Frequency protection: when the fan abnormal occurrence, the inverter will automatically alarm, stop running.